Discover the Ultimate Luxury.

Discover the Ultimate Luxury.

Discover the Ultimate Luxury.


Our custom screen solutions are designed by architects, and personalized for your home. At Luxurio, we redefine outdoor and indoor living spaces with the best-in-class solar protection using Serge Ferrari’s Soltis®, Sunprotex® ranges, and Somfy®.

'Solar Screens.'

Experience solar protection like never before. Our innovative fabrics offer exceptional energy savings, impressive thermal, visual, and acoustic performances. 

With unparalleled long-term durability, Luxurio’s Solar Screens are the go-to choice for both professionals and homeowners.

With the touch of a button, our motorized screens effortlessly descend, providing instant protection from harsh sunlight, glare, and inclement weather, ensuring optimal comfort for patrons and employees alike. Designed to maintain an unobstructed view when desired, these screens offer the perfect balance between openness and privacy, allowing your business to adapt to changing needs and preferences effortlessly.

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